Info & Prices

How it works

1) Decide whether you’d like to license (= purchase right to use) specific artwork from my gallery OR whether you want me to create a new custom artwork just for you (this variant also includes usage rights)

2) Contact me and tell me what you want/need. I’ll let you know whether it’s doable and based on the project I’ll estimate a price, which depends on the complexity of the artwork (for approximate pricelist scroll down)

3) If you’re just licensing already existing artwork, I’ll send you a paypal invoice and I’ll e-mail you the file(s) once your payment comes through

4) If you want a custom artwork, I’ll create few sketches – you decide which one you like, what changes you want me to make and we’ll go back and forth until you’re satisfied

5) Once the artwork is finished to your liking, no. 3) applies – you’ll get a paypal invoice and I’ll e-mail you the file(s) once your payment comes through



● Typically, I send paypal invoice to your e-mail and once I receive your payment, I’ll send you the file(s) via e-mail attachment; it’s possible to pay for paypal invoice both via your paypal account or via your debit/credit card online

● One-time payment per image is the typical format. However, in some cases we can agree on royalty payments – let me know if you’re interested in this option

● Advance payment may be required for bigger projects, I’ll let you know if this applies to you when we start discussing prices


Pricelist & License Types

A) Personal license

Price: $15 – $75 per artwork

Terms of use: Personal non-commercial usage allowed, editing and building upon allowed

Examples of fair usage: desktop wallpaper, print to decorate your home etc.


B) Commercial & non-personal license

Price for web usage: $20 – $100 per artwork

Price for small business: $100 – $300 per artwork (up to 1,000 copies sold)

Price for big business: $300 – $1000 per artwork (unlimited copies sold)

Terms of use: All commercial usage allowed, editing and building upon allowed

Examples of fair usage: “web usage” = website background, youtube video cover, facebook cover photo etc.; business involving selling both hard and digital copies = t-shirt design, poster prints, book or CD covers etc.


If you’re unsure in which category you belong, ask. I don’t bite. Unless you misuse my images. So, if you have any doubts about the license for your specific usage, just ask!


Size/resolution of your image

If not otherwise agreed upon, you will receive JPG file, size A4 = 30,5×22,9 cm (3600×2700 px, 300 DPI). Other formats, such as PNG are available on demand.

You can request higher resolution, but as it takes sometimes up to 50 hours (or even more) to render a very large resolution, the price of the commission will increase according to requested resolution:
● A3 = 42,3×31,7 cm (5000×3750 px, 300 DPI)… + $30
● A2 = 58,2×44,5 cm (7000×5250 px, 300 DPI)… + $60
● A1 = 80,4×60,3 cm (9000×7125 px, 300 DPI)… + $100
● A0 = 110,1×82,55 cm (13000×9750 px, 300 DPI)… + $150
You can of course choose any other size/resolution than the ones listed above to fit your needs. Square images are fit to the longer side (A4 = 3600×3600 px, A3 = 5000×5000 px etc).

Misc info

Custom artworks are always exclusive. You are the only person who will receive the hi-res file and I will not use the artwork in any other project, nor will I sell it as a print or use it in any other commercial or non-commercial way. Licensed artworks are not exclusive, as they already exist online in my art gallery/portfolio and other people may have already licensed them before you.
I may upload a low-resolution preview of the project I created for you as a reference to my website, so that my customers can see what I’ve worked on in past – if you don’t want me to do this with your project, just let me know.